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The diversity

of Tailormade Invest AG


Tailormade Invest AG is your reliable partner with comprehensive know-how.
Thanks to our wide range of services, we can offer you tailor-made services in various sectors. With our innovative ideas, our systematic and careful way of working, we develop suitable solutions which we implement according to your wishes.
Honest, impulsive, abstract, innovative and creative are just a few of the terms that describe our way of working.

Tailormade Invest AG International

Buying without capital

Buy your property easily without capital. Live in it yourself or rent it out directly under us. Revolutionary way to get started in real estate.

Zu den Immobilien

Tailormade Invest AG Immo

Real estate trading

Sale and rental of your real estate in Switzerland and Europe.

Zu den Schmuckstücken

Tailormade Invest AG Art


Art is our passion. You can admire some of our treasures in the Winterthur showroom.

Tailormade Invest AG Design

High end Interiordesign

The ability to make a castle out of a stable. This is a gift. Our interior designer will turn his ideas into your dreams.